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Why Nashville is Perfect for a Pub Crawl


Did you know that 16.1 million people visit Nashville, TN annually? If you haven’t visited this friendly Tennessee city before, you’ve definitely been missing out on a vibrant music scene, a rambunctious nightlife, a wide array of drinking and dining options.

Our growing city has a lot to offer and experience. However, one of the most enticing activity options that stands out in Nashville, TN is the copious amounts of local bars and pubs!

If you’re a first-time visitor and avid drinker, you may be wondering where to begin. While it can often be difficult to plan your Tennessee getaway, a Nashville pub crawl may be just what you need!

Kick off your vacation with The Ville Tours Pub Crawl to get an all-inclusive tour of the city while enjoying some local brews.

Other than the warm, inviting nature of our city, what truly makes Nashville, TN the perfect place for a pub crawl? Read more to find out!

Here are 6 reasons Nashville, TN is perfect for a pub crawl:

  1. Location Proximity
  2. Connect with the City Roots
  3. Visit Multiple Shops Along Your Way
  4. Experience Live Music
  5. Immersive Yourself in Downtown Nashville
  6. Drink Where Country Music Began

1. Location Proximity

Whether you’re in town for the unique food dishes, spunky local art and music or specialized drinks, when you go on a Nashville pub crawl, you’ll experience way more than just the bar atmosphere.

Here in Nashville, we pride ourselves on our unique restaurants, bars and local entertainment. Due to all the craze of Nashville’s eclectic cuisine, other areas have begun to try replicating our city’s charm! No need to worry though, as these Nashville originals are here to stay.

2. Connect with the City Roots

Did you know that Nashville, TN was originally founded back in 1779? Our city’s founders set up shop right along the waterfront of our downtown river– a beautiful sight to see when on a downtown pub crawl!

The Ville Tours combines our Nashville pub crawl with a walking tour of downtown, right in the heart of this historic part of our city. Here you’ll be introduced to the historical nature of Nashville, TN, all while enjoying a unique adult beverage.

Visit The Ville Tours to learn more about our options for pub crawls in Nashville, TN!

3. Visit Multiple Shops Along Your Way

If drinking isn’t necessarily your scene, but you’re joining friends on a Nashville pub crawl, no worries! Our city has much more to offer.

While on your Ville Tour, feel free to stop in our various shops on downtown Broadway. After your pub crawl, try taking an Uber to our other shopping districts such as 12th Ave South, The Gulch, or 21st Ave South!

A core tenet of the pub crawl is to move between multiple bars, so adventure is always in the books. The bar crawls from The Ville Tours make sure each stop along the way is well worth the visit.

4. Experience Live Music

If you didn’t already know, Nashville, TN is also known as Music City! Known for world-class musicians and various live music venues, our city didn’t get its nickname by accident. Don’t worry either– even amidst COVID-19, the lower Broadway district of downtown still features live music at all times of day and night.

On our pub crawls, you and your friends will have the opportunity to experience multiple musicscapes as you move from place to place.

5. Immerse Yourself in Downtown Nashville

Downtown Nashville has an energy unlike anywhere else. Each day and night brings something different to the table. Typically, our downtown streets are bustling with various locals and travelers in town to see a Predators game at the Bridgestone Arena, a waterfront concert, or maybe to get some rooftop drinks. No matter the time of year, there’s always something going on.

A bar crawl with The Ville Tours takes you through downtown Nashville to see the neon lights, the live music, and of course, the drinks.

6. Drink Where Country Music Began

A Nashville pub crawl wouldn’t be complete without the immersive experience of our various honky tonks along Broadway. These local bars have helped launch the careers of many famous musicians such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, and Gretchen Wilson.

Yes, you read that correctly! And these stages continue to support local musicians daily. On your pub crawl, you’ll have the opportunity to not only see where country music began to blossom, but possibly get a front row seat to hear the next big star perform.

There’s nothing like a Nashville pub crawl to show you the best sides of the city. The Ville Tours has everything you need to see a side of Music City that might otherwise go overlooked.

Are you looking for an interesting way to experience Nashville while having a great time? Contact The Ville Tours today!