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Nashville Nightlife

Drink during a Nashville night-time pub crawl, bachelorette party, food tour

Nashville is known as a popular destination for many reasons. Maybe you came to town for a professional sporting event. Or perhaps there’s a convention that brought you here. Many people, however, simply come here because they are looking to have a great time. And fortunately, there are numerous fun activities in Nashville, TN.

Nashville’s music scene has been legendary for decades. A wide variety of music acts got their starts on Nashville’s various stages and have gone on to long and enduring careers.

But that’s not all Nashville has to offer.

We have a thriving nightlife in Nashville that can be put up against any other city in the world. Here’s what you have waiting for you the next time you come to Nashville.

A Thriving Craft Cocktail Scene

Craft cocktails have emerged over the last five years as a great way to enjoy a drink with your friends while also experiencing something unique. Nashville has a long list of great bars that will make you a drink you’ve never even heard of, but will love with a single sip.

Attaboy, for instance, doesn’t even have a menu. Instead, the bartender will speak with you for a few moments and ask you a few questions. Then they’ll fix you up with a drink that perfectly suits your mood and taste.

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Numerous Breweries

Beer has its place in our hearts, as well. And Nashville just so happens to have a long list of craft breweries scattered throughout the city. There’s no better way to get a unique and singular experience in a city than tasting the products you can only find there.

Nashville’s breweries have been perfecting their craft for years. Yazoo Brewing Company has been making delicious beverages since way back in 2003. Visit them or any of the other breweries for great beer, food, and even live music.

Live Music Every Night

Speaking of live music, a list of nightlife activities in Nashville, TN wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the obvious: Nashville is a great place to watch live music. The bars up and down lower Broadway feature world class musicians at all times of day, seven days a week.

And if that isn’t your style, there are countless options for other choices throughout the city. The 5 Spot in East Nashville hosts bands of all genres, and there are multiple other places in the neighborhood that offer even wider varieties of music.

Professional Sports Teams

Nothing gets a night started off right like some professional sports. Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, and have recently started hosting a professional soccer club called Nashville SC.

No matter what time of year you’re visiting, there’s sure to be some top-caliber sports options. Start your night off watching the Predators bring the ruckus before heading out to any of the numerous bars surrounding the Bridgestone Arena.

Late Night Restaurants

The culinary scene in Nashville has seen massive growth over the last decade. This has created a wide range of excellent options to anybody looking to grab a bite to eat while they enjoy their evening in Nashville.

Whether you’re in the mood for something quick, easy, and delicious like 5 Points Pizza or you’re in the mood for something a little more fancy like Virago, Nashville has you covered.

Beautiful Sights

Need a break from the crowds? Nashville has many beautiful areas where you can simply go for an evening walk and take in the sights. The pedestrian bridge between Nissan Stadium and lower Broadway is beautiful at night. It provides a great view of the Cumberland River as it winds around the bright lights and busy streets of downtown Nashville.

And even though it isn’t open at night, you can still take in the architecture of the Tennessee State Capitol. The War Memorial Auditorium is right across the street and features more great architecture and statues.

Pub Crawls

But one of the best things you can do with your time in the city is to experience Nashville’s best pub crawl. The Ville Tours offers a variety of options to perfectly fit you and your group’s wants and needs for the evening.

A guide will walk you through some of the city’s best bars all while giving you interesting anecdotes about the city. Sample specialty beverages, eat some great food, and take in live music.

There’s no better way to get a true Nashville experience than to get shown around by someone who knows all the best spots.

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